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Pennsic Eve

An ode written in Spenserian stanzas, celebrating (as per competition guidelines) Bryan's "prowess on the field", composed for the Poeta Atlantia competition at his coronation on April 14, 2012.

When, long past dark, the war carts clatter stilled,
Our king within his council chamber sat
A strategy of battle yet to build
Ere dawning sun revealed his cousins' spat.
A tapestry soft stirred, as if a rat
Within his secret, still domain now crept.
Then from the shadows slipped a tabby cat
Of black and orange, and each paw razor tipped.
The tiger cowered before Bryan, and then wept.

"Now wast I not thine kinsman, from thy birth?"
The tiger did with piteous looks entreat
Buy Bryan heard the scratch of claws on earth
And from his dim pavilion swiftly leaped.
There stood an army, cloaked in night's deceit,
Surrounding now his dragon ally's lair.
Though torchlight glinted on the fangs of beasts
And tallongs of great birds and griffons rare,
The the steel of Bryan's sword did gleam beyond compare.

"What? Ho!" he cried. The emerald giant rose
And just a moment's fear flashed in its eyes,
Surrounded as it was by all its foes.
The tiger snarled, a fury most unwise,
As Bryan summoned forth a cruel surprise:
The king stood not alone within this fight;
His swift alarm did make an army rise.
The dragon was defended well that night
By Bryan's speed, and all Atlantia's fearsome might.